Gillon let us down, and the hole is now bigger

Eddie McGuire, the man who ignited the controversy (Pat Scala)

Eddie McGuire, the man who ignited the controversy (Pat Scala)

Late, as per usual, the Monday AFL press conference from Gillon McLachlan that was meant to be proactive on fixing an important matter ended up being an almighty fizzer.

The Age football writer Caroline Wilson was the victim of a “joke” led and essentially orchestrated by Eddie McGuire, but was ignited by James Brayshaw – and it was cowardly, incredibly immature, and downright wrong, once you read the whole conversation.

What was a golden opportunity for the AFL and the executive team to take a real stance against sexism, inappropriate comments and rude behaviour towards women in the game turned into a mumbling puddle of chaos. Continue reading

Women’s Sport: The inequality just won’t stop

Club women's cricket, Melbourne (photo: Davis Harrigan)

Club women’s cricket, Melbourne (photo: Davis Harrigan)

(opinion rant)

The gap between perception of men’s and women’s sport is becoming both alarming and appalling.  In addition, the coverage of women’s games and events, while better, continues to languish behind the men.  This must change.

I’ll start with the Women’s Cricket.  Two one day internationals for the Women’s Ashes series were recently held at the MCG, and patrons were admitted for free. Continue reading

Beyond Realisation in 2014: What you will see

Melbourne's sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)

Melbourne‘s sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)

Every year, sport evolves, and so does the coverage.

Athletes are subjected even more to the tiniest little misdoings or events they attend – there is no hiding from the media.  In turn, the intrusion can sometimes be too much. Continue reading