Southern University Games: Day 2: Tossing balls and Frisbees with Netball, Touch, Tennis and Ultimate

In close, La Trobe & Melbourne University (photo: Davis Harrigan)

In close, La Trobe & Melbourne University (photo: Davis Harrigan)

Once again, the city of Wodonga greeted competitors with a slight chill, but no sign of rain.

With all sports beginning to hit the peak stage of their respective divisions, securing as many wins as possible became crucial in the race for a top spot. Continue reading

Australian University Games: Day 1: Ultimate Frisbee, Netball and other results

La Trobe AUG frisbee team (photo mine)

La Trobe AUG frisbee team (photo mine)

Day 1 report


University of Wollongong dft La Trobe 8-5

La Trobe lost to Queensland University of Technology 11-9

The team may have a lot of first year players, but that didn’t stop the La Trobe Ultimate Frisbee team (LATUUF) from giving everything they had against the University of Wollongong. Continue reading

The highs and lows of being part of a sports club

Members of the La Trobe Ultimate Frisbee team.

Members of the La Trobe Ultimate Frisbee team. (my photo)

Being part of something in the local community can be a fulfilling experience.  Have a look at how people are involved, and sporting clubs appear with a large number of participants.

Playing sport with a team, and not just watching it, is great fun.  You participate with like-minded people, and play well enough and there could be rewards if you put in the hard work.

I currently play for the Blackburn Cricket Club, as well as the Ultimate Frisbee team for La Trobe University.  Playing with a sporting club is a massive thrill, and it keeps me fit, healthy and at the same time, happy. Continue reading

The Art of Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee throwers are a regular at local parks or beaches, often accompanied by a dog.  There is a lot to this throwing back and forth.  I’ll explain:

Having thrown frisbees multiple times with friends in the schoolyard, and being able to throw accurately, I thought I had mastered all there was to it.  How wrong I was. Continue reading