Women’s Sport: The inequality just won’t stop

Club women's cricket, Melbourne (photo: Davis Harrigan)

Club women’s cricket, Melbourne (photo: Davis Harrigan)

(opinion rant)

The gap between perception of men’s and women’s sport is becoming both alarming and appalling.  In addition, the coverage of women’s games and events, while better, continues to languish behind the men.  This must change.

I’ll start with the Women’s Cricket.  Two one day internationals for the Women’s Ashes series were recently held at the MCG, and patrons were admitted for free. Continue reading

Southern University Games: La Trobe University: Ultimate Frisbee Preview

Playing for a sports team at university means you meet new friends, try new things and have new adventures.

One of those new adventures could be ultimate frisbee.  In 2013, the La Trobe University Ultimate Frisbee club (otherwise known as LATUUF) has seen a new cohort of players not only join the club, but stick with the club. Continue reading

Why Beyond Realisation? In fact, why sport?

The teams I support.

The teams I support.

(This is a chronicle of my journalism adventure, and where the passion started)

In August of 2012 I had a bright idea.  After hearing about some friends in my university course wanting to start up a sport blog/website, I wanted in on the fun; but instead I took it down my own path.  I am very glad I did.

My love of sport has no end; since a very young age I have rarely been seen without some sort of sporting gear in hand, or eyes glued to the TV on the next blockbuster game. Continue reading

The highs and lows of being part of a sports club

Members of the La Trobe Ultimate Frisbee team.

Members of the La Trobe Ultimate Frisbee team. (my photo)

Being part of something in the local community can be a fulfilling experience.  Have a look at how people are involved, and sporting clubs appear with a large number of participants.

Playing sport with a team, and not just watching it, is great fun.  You participate with like-minded people, and play well enough and there could be rewards if you put in the hard work.

I currently play for the Blackburn Cricket Club, as well as the Ultimate Frisbee team for La Trobe University.  Playing with a sporting club is a massive thrill, and it keeps me fit, healthy and at the same time, happy. Continue reading

Cricket: 10 great Australian cricket moments of the 21st century

QLD Bull Ryan Harris, Feb 2013 (photo mine)

QLD Bull Ryan Harris, Feb 2013 (photo mine)

Cricket is in the blood of all Australians.  It’s our summer sport; we play it in the backyard, at a BBQ, on the street, on a field, anywhere we can find space.

For that matter, we become so engrossed in it, we can’t turn away.

Welcome to a list of 10 moments I have compiled (with the help of some Twitter discussion) of Australian cricket moments of the 21st century.  They are not listed in any particular order. Continue reading

Cricket: India v Australia: Test Series Analysis and Review

Michael Clarke & MS Dhoni pose w/ the Border-Gavaskar Trophy (from examiner.com)

Michael Clarke & MS Dhoni pose w/ the Border-Gavaskar Trophy
(from examiner.com)

Australia was thrown a curveball from the moment they stepped on to the sub-continent in February.  In the end that curveball proved to be the side’s ultimate downfall.

Batting and bowling failures alike culminated in a shocking (and at times horrifying) 4-0 series loss to India.

There are plenty of words to describe each test, each player, and each moment, but none more so than disappointing.  Even travelling with a team that had largely not played in Indians conditions before, Australia was rolled, crushed and decimated over the past month in a way no-one expected.
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Cricket: Women just as good as men-and they need more exposure

The Australian women's cricket team, the Southern Stars

The Australian women’s cricket team, the Southern Stars (sourced from Cricket News)

Equality is something the majority of people like to strive for, or perhaps participate in.  Sport, however, seems to be a whole different playing field at times.

Australia has a reputation for producing strong cricket sides.  However, it seems to be a little known fact that the Australian women’s cricket team, the Southern Stars, have been setting the bar across the world for women’s teams for several years now.
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Social media and today’s sporting world

Today, the Australian football world was rocked hard by the news that Port Adelaide player (now former) John McCarthy died in Las Vegas while on holiday with teammates.  The news first broke via Twitter and then spread like wildfire across media agencies, online newspaper websites and general Twitter users.

After the meltdown over Australian athletes using Twitter at the London Olympics, and being too socially active, a lot of questions are being raised about the huge prominence of social media and its sometimes dire consequences.
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