Southern University Games: Day 2: Tossing balls and Frisbees with Netball, Touch, Tennis and Ultimate

In close, La Trobe & Melbourne University (photo: Davis Harrigan)

In close, La Trobe & Melbourne University (photo: Davis Harrigan)

Once again, the city of Wodonga greeted competitors with a slight chill, but no sign of rain.

With all sports beginning to hit the peak stage of their respective divisions, securing as many wins as possible became crucial in the race for a top spot. Continue reading

Tennis: Australian Open to be a scorcher – in the literal sense

Lleyton Hewitt, Australian summer 2014 (photo: SMH)

Lleyton Hewitt, Australian summer 2014 (photo: SMH)

The draw for the 2014 tournament was conducted on Friday, and there was no shortage of outcry from Australian fans, as the players drew the short end of the straw.

With temperatures set to peak in the high thirties and low forties in the first week, the players will be working overtime to put in their best performances. Continue reading

Generic: Sportsmanship vital for every single level

AFL (sourced from Google Images)

It might only be just a small part of sport, yet, in my opinion, may well be the most important part.  I’m talking about sportsmanship: teammates encouraging each other, enthusiasm on the field of play, and being positive to those that surround them.

Having played competitively since the age of 11, I can speak for a lot of people in saying a positive vibe during play is essential.  Chatter on the field, giving others a pat on the back, a small gesture of appreciation goes a long way to cementing an equal and fair playing arena, and a sense of camaraderie.
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