Cricket: The Ashes: A change in the commentary side perhaps?

(Source: Sport On A Box)

(Source: Sport On A Box)

No, I’m not talking about the players out in the middle – I’m talking about the guys who we hear through our speakers at home for six hours or more a day.

After every ball, during every drinks break, every interval, and the one hour pre-game coverage.  It certainly is a lot, and for some, it is too much. Continue reading

Social media and today’s sporting world

Today, the Australian football world was rocked hard by the news that Port Adelaide player (now former) John McCarthy died in Las Vegas while on holiday with teammates.  The news first broke via Twitter and then spread like wildfire across media agencies, online newspaper websites and general Twitter users.

After the meltdown over Australian athletes using Twitter at the London Olympics, and being too socially active, a lot of questions are being raised about the huge prominence of social media and its sometimes dire consequences.
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