Cricket: Where has the notion of “select the experienced” gone?

Matthew Hayden in One Day Colours (photo: The Age)

Matthew Hayden in One Day Colours (photo: The Age)

Well, one answer could be nowhere.  The experience still exists, but is forgotten amidst the desire to select the brightest prospects as mere “pups”.

Ten years ago, Australia’s test side was comprised of experience, runs and depth.  Continue reading

Cricket: Drama over selection

Rob Quiney (mine)

The bickering and criticism that has been unleashed at the selection of the squad for the first test leaves me puzzled.

Surely Australians are not that hypocritical of who plays?  Sure, some are better than others, but is it really necessary to have a yelling match?

I’m a huge of fan of Rob Quiney, the man who has come in to the 1st Test squad to replace the injured Shane Watson.  He has been a consistent and level-headed cricket during his Victorian career.  He is not a name plucked from obscurity: he has established his place in the Victorian line-up, and deserves this chance. Continue reading