Cricket: There’s a test starting soon, are India ready?

MS Dhoni at Adelaide - India will play without him

MS Dhoni at AdelaideIndia will play without him

The Adelaide test starting on Tuesday is going to be a nice challenge for India.  It has been a long three years since they last played a test series here in Australia (and subsequently got demolished 4-0), and since then, not a lot has changed; India struggle away from home. Continue reading

Cricket: Rohit’s Record Rampage three months from World Cup

Rohit Sharma celebrates 200 runs (photo: Getty Images)

Rohit Sharma celebrates 200 runs (photo: Getty Images)

Here’s a table of those that have scored double centuries in ODI cricket:

Name Team Score Against
Rohit Sharma India 264 Sri Lanka
Virender Sehwag India 219 West Indies
Rohit Sharma India 209 Australia
Sachin Tendulkar India 200* South Africa
Belinda Clark* Australia 229 Denmark

*denotes women’s ODI Continue reading