Beyond Realisation in 2014: What you will see

Melbourne's sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)

Melbourne‘s sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)

Every year, sport evolves, and so does the coverage.

Athletes are subjected even more to the tiniest little misdoings or events they attend – there is no hiding from the media.  In turn, the intrusion can sometimes be too much. Continue reading

Why Beyond Realisation? In fact, why sport?

The teams I support.

The teams I support.

(This is a chronicle of my journalism adventure, and where the passion started)

In August of 2012 I had a bright idea.  After hearing about some friends in my university course wanting to start up a sport blog/website, I wanted in on the fun; but instead I took it down my own path.  I am very glad I did.

My love of sport has no end; since a very young age I have rarely been seen without some sort of sporting gear in hand, or eyes glued to the TV on the next blockbuster game. Continue reading