Southern University Games: La Trobe University: Ultimate Frisbee Preview

Playing for a sports team at university means you meet new friends, try new things and have new adventures.

One of those new adventures could be ultimate frisbee.  In 2013, the La Trobe University Ultimate Frisbee club (otherwise known as LATUUF) has seen a new cohort of players not only join the club, but stick with the club. Continue reading

The highs and lows of being part of a sports club

Members of the La Trobe Ultimate Frisbee team.

Members of the La Trobe Ultimate Frisbee team. (my photo)

Being part of something in the local community can be a fulfilling experience.  Have a look at how people are involved, and sporting clubs appear with a large number of participants.

Playing sport with a team, and not just watching it, is great fun.  You participate with like-minded people, and play well enough and there could be rewards if you put in the hard work.

I currently play for the Blackburn Cricket Club, as well as the Ultimate Frisbee team for La Trobe University.  Playing with a sporting club is a massive thrill, and it keeps me fit, healthy and at the same time, happy. Continue reading