Cricket: The Ashes: An ugly head appears again-it’s the DRS

The picture is self explanatory (source: World Cricket Watch)

The picture is self explanatory (source: World Cricket Watch)

I’m talking about the controversial, and at times flawed, Decision Review System (DRS).  Since its inception at the top level, the amount of criticism the system has copped has seen India not use it during series, and all manner of other types of howlers have made it look like cricket’s worst nightmare. Continue reading

Cricket: DRS proving to be a pain in review


Bails knocked off-now the dismissals are being checked

Technology in cricket has become more and more prominent. So much so that it seems it comes into play far too often.

So where to draw the line on technology, in particular the Decision Review System (DRS).  A hot topic not just in the recent test series against South Africa, but has also demanded controversy ever since it was introduced.

If you break down into its essential elements – the no-ball check, hot spot, hawk-eye and sometimes snicko – all your pieces are there.  For the most part, the system works well.  However, there has been a string of controversies and issues surrounding the DRS use. Continue reading