Women’s Sport: The inequality just won’t stop

Club women's cricket, Melbourne (photo: Davis Harrigan)

Club women’s cricket, Melbourne (photo: Davis Harrigan)

(opinion rant)

The gap between perception of men’s and women’s sport is becoming both alarming and appalling.  In addition, the coverage of women’s games and events, while better, continues to languish behind the men.  This must change.

I’ll start with the Women’s Cricket.  Two one day internationals for the Women’s Ashes series were recently held at the MCG, and patrons were admitted for free. Continue reading

LBW cricket furore; the controversy will never end


This is the item of equipment in question for LBW (Google Images)

Umpires have, quite possibly, a more demanding job than the players on the field.  They wear black pants, white long sleeve shirts, and more often than not are standing still, not moving around like the batsmen and fielders. Continue reading

Cricket: VWCA, January 12: Box Hill contest two close ones on a warm January day

Anna Lanning, who scored 49 v Dandenong (Photo: Davis Harrigan)

Anna Lanning, who scored 49 v Dandenong (Photo: Davis Harrigan)

Game 1: Plenty Valley 8/109 (A Price 35, K Lamb 27, Brock 3/9) defeated by Box Hill 3/110 (A. Lanning 39, Carter 24, Brock 23*, O’Donnell 1/19) by 7 wickets

With the temperature expected to warm up, the Box Hill Mustangs took complete charge against Plenty Valley Bats on a thick and slow Ross Gregory Oval. Continue reading

Tennis: Australian Open to be a scorcher – in the literal sense

Lleyton Hewitt, Australian summer 2014 (photo: SMH)

Lleyton Hewitt, Australian summer 2014 (photo: SMH)

The draw for the 2014 tournament was conducted on Friday, and there was no shortage of outcry from Australian fans, as the players drew the short end of the straw.

With temperatures set to peak in the high thirties and low forties in the first week, the players will be working overtime to put in their best performances. Continue reading

Beyond Realisation in 2014: What you will see

Melbourne's sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)

Melbourne‘s sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)

Every year, sport evolves, and so does the coverage.

Athletes are subjected even more to the tiniest little misdoings or events they attend – there is no hiding from the media.  In turn, the intrusion can sometimes be too much. Continue reading

Cricket: Women’s Ashes: Australia wants to bring the urn home

The victorious 2013 England women's team (Google Images)

The victorious 2013 England women’s team (Google Images)

Cricket: Women’s Ashes: Australia wants to bring the urn home

If you want powerhouse teams in world cricket, Australia and England are two of them.  Experience, youth, leadership and talent all account for what will be a quality series.

Welcome to the next instalment of the Women’s Ashes.  Rather than play five test matches for a trophy, the squads play one test, three one day internationals and three Twenty20s based on a points system, which works like so: Continue reading